Tax the poor

by Craig Kurtz


They tried it, going door to door, but us well-

heeled can spare no more;

now since we run the government,

let’s tax the 99 percent;

we gave them votes and human rights

then they set our cash in their sights;

we gave them schools and libraries —

I say, these folks are hard to please;

the rich are very rightly vexed —

democracy, gad knows what’s next;

why always tax the very few,

the idle rich have feelings, too;

you give the poor healthcare, and then

they’ll want free homes, nine out of ten;

but craving all these luxuries

don’t mean that money grows on trees;

the rich are really sick of it,

so squeeze the hoi polloi a bit;

these paupers all want this and that,

so let’s tax them, right off the bat;

the deadbeats get most benefits —

so cough up, like good Soviets;

they’ve got a lot of nerve to think

I’d do without my yacht or mink;

why, I’ve worked hard for all I got —

try getting born in Camelot;

the good life’s not a sliding scale,

so get a job or go to jail;

they’re always saying ‘life ain’t fair’ —

just wait until they pay their share;

they’ll can their causes and slogans

and end up right Republicans;

let’s tax the poor, all in one lump,

then blame it all on Donald Trump.